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Explore our assessments for candidate screening, development, team building, succession planning, and more.



Give the women in your organization the coaching, confidence, and connections they need to have successful careers and a fabulous lives.


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Create an amazing learning experience

whether your team is

at the office, at home, or on the go.



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Create a workplace you love with our best-selling book, employee survey, and interactive team experience.



Replace your archaic review process

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Candidate Screening

Identify job fit based on critical thinking, behaviors and motivational interests. With just one assessment, you get over a dozen reports that provide:

  • Fit with a proven performance model

  • Recommended interview questions

  • Onboarding report for new hires

  • New hire coaching tips for managers

  • Leadership, sales, service & front-line success predictors

  • Other great-fit positions to make career and succession planning a breeze.

Communication, Teamwork & Leadership

Are you more Dominant, influencing, Steady, or Conscientious? Our Everything DiSC® workshops and webinars will show you how these characteristics can help you:

  • Build better connections with others

  • Strengthen teamwork

  • Build supervisory and coaching skills

  • Help senior leaders establish vision, build alignment and champion execution.

  • Understand customer buying styles

360 Degree Feedback

Get input from others to discover strengths and the most important areas for development.

  • Customized for your values and competencies

  • Easy-to-read graphs and open-ended comments

  • Actions to build strengths and close gaps

  • Learn & Grow Guide to plan and monitor progress

  • Get started videos or webinars for participants

  • Branded with your logo & custom messages

  • One-on-one debriefs to create a safe space for participants to get feedback

We even sell cost effective, robust do-it-yourself software systems.

Team Building

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, this robust assessment and team building process helps groups:

  • Use strong trust as a foundation for speaking openly

  • Have open and respectful communication that leads to unfiltered, yet healthy conflict

  • Build commitment to better, faster decisions with a clear call to action

  • Establish accountability for individual actions and behaviors

  • Maintain a focus on clear and common result

A Personal Development Report is available for individuals or groups who are not part of the same team.

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Get Certified!

Your leaders often make the best teachers. Or, sometimes, in-house training team are just looking for the right tools to make their jobs easier. We provide online, virtual and in-person train-the-trainer programs to build your expertise, while lowering the costs associated with outside vendors.

Fully scripted leader’s guides, PowerPoint presentations, engaging videos, games, simulations, and full-color participant workbooks provide turnkey training and team development activities. Online dashboards make printing, ordering, and managing your assessments a breeze. Book a call with us today to learn how to discuss your needs.

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