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Simple solutions to build teamwork with one department or your entire organization.

Whether you're looking for a facilitator, Five BehaviorsTM Certification, or just to purchase the facilitation resources for your own do-it-yourself programs, our solutions are easy-to-administer and easy-to-afford.

The State of Teams

See what employees fear about post-Covid teamwork.
Identify how team members waste 7 hours every week due to lack of teamwork.
Learn a simple model for evaluating and building team skills.

We never share your information. Period.

Everything you need to build a stronger team!

Five Behaviors Profile

Measure your team's strengths and identify areas for improvement. Then, see how you contribute to the team's cohesiveness. You can even see how your Everything DiSC style can help or hurt your team.

Team Building Facilitation

In person or virtual, our team building sessions are interactive, engaging, and insightful. Your team will strengthen trust and develop real frameworks for managing conflict, building commitment, and achieving shared results.

Turnkey Facilitation Tools

Scripts for virtual and in-person sessions, engaging video featuring Patrick Lencioni, Power Point presentations, and certification programs make it easy to facilitate impactful team building sessions.

Your Teambuilding Toolkit

Five Behaviors for Teams

Use data collected from a team survey to identify ways to improve trust, build healthy conflict and commitment, develop peer-to-peer accountability, and focus on shared results.

Team member will see how their DiSC styles contribute to and perhaps, hinder teamwork.

A follow up survey creates a Progress Report to build accountability for change.

This version is best used for intact teams and is designed to be used over three-to-five team sessions.

Five Behaviors
Personal Development Profile

Help one individual or your entire organization learn about the five behaviors that lead to being a strong team player.

Our Facilitation Materials make it easy to lead a virtual or in-person workshop where individuals gain self-awareness of their strengths and how they can contribute to strong levels of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability, and shared results.

Facilitation Kit

Get the tools you need to lead dynamic team building sessions. Fully scripted sessions, engaging video featuring Patrick Lencioni, and interactive activities are right at your fingertips.

We'll even meet with you to review your team's data and map out a series of activities to achieve your goals.

Need ideas for your team building event?

Schedule a call with us.  We'll discuss what's working and what's not. Then, we'll recommend activities to help you achieve your goals.

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