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Hire Smarter with PXT SelectTM

With interviews happening via Zoom, Teams, or worse, the telephone, you run the risk of missing important details about your job candidates.

PXT Select makes it easy to understand an individuals thinking skills, behavioral style, and motivational interests.

You can even understand their potential to succeed at leadership, sales, customer service, or in a hands-on role.


Free Report: The State of Hiring

Understand the impact of Unconscious Bias on hiring and promotional decisions.
Get ideas for building a more inclusive workplace.

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PXT Select solves your toughest job search dilemmas.

Lack of Alignment

"I don't think we agree on the type of person who's right for this job."

Limited Data

"Who to interview? Or, maybe we should promote from within???"

Complex Decisions

"They all seem so similar. How do I pick the best person for the job?"

Onboarding & Retention

"They accepted.  Now, how do I get them to stay?"

One assessment - over a dozen FREE Profiles!

Performance Models

Start by getting your team on the same page about the qualities of the idea job candidate.

We're not talking about college degrees and years of experience.  We're talking about the things that truly drive success on the job:  critical thinking skills, behavioral traits, and motivational interests.

We'll help you profile your high performers, administer a job analysis survey, and create a model of the picture perfect team member.

Comprehensive Selection Report

See where your candidates match the desired Performance Model and why they don't. 

Then, use our interview questions, personalized for each candidate to validate their strengths and probe where they don't fit.

Special reports for leadership, sales, customer service, and hands on roles make PXT Select the right assessment for every level of your organization.  You can even combine multiple candidates on one report for easy comparisons.

Onboarding & Coaching

Welcome new team members to your organization and show them what it takes to be successful by sharing their results in an easy-to-read individual report.

Give the Coaching Report to the new hire's manage to identify opportunities to create a motivating environment and success on the job.

Add your new hire's results to the Team Report so everyone will know how to best work together.

Retention & Succession Planning


Our Multiple Positions Report is great for succession planning and understand future career paths.

Plus, the motivational interests help you understand how to create the opportunities that keep team members engaged, learning, and thriving.

Get up and running fast!

PXT Select is so easy-to-use.  You can be using all of our Profiles and your own dashboard to screen candidates, in just a few hours.  Just schedule a call with us and we'll help you get started today!

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