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B2B Decision Makers

The Biggest Objections of B2B Decision Makers

March 29, 20242 min read

Top sales people understand the most common objections they’ll hear from customers. They prepare for them, so they are ready to overcome them. So, today, let's talk about typical reasons B2B purchasers say, "no" to your training courses, coaching programs, and consulting services. This way, you'll be prepared for these objections so you can overcome them.

Often, we hear two objections coming right out of the gate. The decision maker will either say that they don’t have time for this right now or they don’t have the money for this right now. Listen, these days, it seems like people don’t have time for anything. And, money, that’s just a convenient excuse. Businesses spend a lot of time and money on things that are less important than what you have to offer.

Time and money objections are usually just masks for two bigger objections on the minds of decision makers. In fact, decision makers often miraculously find time and money for your solutions, if they overcome these two bigger objections.

Bigger Objection #1: Will I Get Results?

Every business decision maker has problems. Those problems could be things like poor teamwork, a lack of accountability, rising healthcare costs, high employee turnover, lack of sales, no succession candidates, and more. 

Will your coaching or training program solve their program and get fast results? Will it make a difference? If the answer is yes, they will find the time and money to invest, particularly if they've been struggling for a long time.

Bigger Objection #2: Will I Look Good?

Decision makers can be concerned about how program will be received by the participants. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news. No one wants to implement something that will make life more difficult or stressful for the team.

Many times, I was hired by business unit managers who didn't always have the best relationship with their Human Resources team. My goal has always been to serve everyone and make everyone look good. I would never want the HR folks to feel inferior or left out. And, I would want the business unit manager to know I had their best interests at heart.

How can you show your purchasers that you aim to meet everyone's objectives and priorities? How will your solution make life easier for their teams or help them to learn and grow? How can you make the decision makers the heroes for bringing you in to save the day?

Time and money might be convenient excuses, but they often aren't the real objections. Be ready to show how your solution solves the decision maker's problem and how you'll make them look good, and they'll find the time and money to hire you in a heartbeat.

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