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B2B Sales

Why Life as a Coach and Course Creator is Easier with B2B Sales

March 29, 20243 min read

I see you working hard every day - posting on social media, running Facebook lives, engaging in groups, running paid ads - it's exhausting, especially if you aren't getting the results you desire.

I get it. When Covid initially threatened my in-person training and coaching business, I decided to hop on the digital band wagon. All the experts told me that I had to be active on social media. So, I created an Instagram account and made the commitment to post daily for a year. After 365 days, I had a whopping 242 followers with more than half of them not even being my ideal client. 

I sat back and thought, this is ridiculous. I've run a successful business for over 20 years. I sell leadership training and coaching programs to small businesses, big corporations, not-for-profits, school systems...you name it, I've done business with them.

I've never paid for advertising, in fact I've hardly ever advertised at all. I've certainly never danced in front of my customers and I wasn't about to start doing so on TikTok. I've never even sold directly to the people who would be participating in my training and coaching programs. So, why on earth was I changing my approach?

I went back to what I knew, which is selling business-to-business, or B2B. Let me show you why.

How much time are you spending on marketing? You spend time creating content, figuring out the algorithms, uploading your posts, DM-ing strangers, scripting and hosting your lives, and more. Maybe it's 8+ hours per week.

Let's assume you're successful in your social media efforts and you amass a following of 1,000 people. In fact, you are so amazing that you actually get 5% of them to buy your product. That's 50 participants. You run your fabulous program. They are all thrilled and you have quick cash in your pocket. Unfortunately, that's where it ends. You're back to zero. You either need to create an additional product that those 50 people might buy or you go back to your following and try to convert another 5%. 

Let me show you my way. In the last month, I facilitated two workshops for 90 people from one business. I met them because I worked with their human resources representative when she worked for another company. She called me, told me she had moved, and asked if I could help her again. I spent an hour with the CEO, sent him a quick proposal, and we booked the dates. Total time to close the deal was about 2 hours, which is a far greater return on the investment of my time than the year I spent posting to Instagram. The best news, they've already told me they have plans for me to work with them again next year.

When you sell business-to-business, one client can yield dozens or even hundreds of participants. They send their employees to your coaching and training programs year-after-year. Client upon client feeds participant upon participant into your program. So far, this year, I've served 59 business clients. Some were tiny sales and some were large sales. Some buy each year, while others I haven't heard from in a while. That's okay. The business from each client ebbs and flows. If you have strong relationships with enough clients and you do good work, you'll create a steady stream of participants in your programs and predictable revenue for your business. 

Do I still post on social media? Sure, for fun. My business clients tell me they love the inspiration and tips I share. But, I made many of those connections long before social media even existed.  

If you want to create a business that lasts for 20+ years and social media isn't getting the results that you desire, try B2B. Hop over to my home page and download my free guide called "Getting Your Foot in the Door" to get started today!

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