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What Are You Doing? Why? How?

strategy & vision Mar 28, 2022

Whether the game is football, soccer, or hockey, every team has a playbook that contains the answers to the fundamental questions that everyone on the team must know in order to be successful.

For example, let’s imagine that you play for the Buffalo Bills.  Okay, no teasing.  They are my hometown team and the only team that’s been to the Super Bowl for four consecutive years.  They’ll hold that record for a long time, whereas many teams have just gone once and no one remembers whether they won or lost.  But, I digress.

Let’s say I asked my hometown Buffalo Bills, “What game do you play?” what would your answer be? Come on, this isn’t a trick question. “We play football! Everyone on our team plays football,” would be your response. It’s as simple as that.

Then, if we asked, “What championship are you trying to win?” you’d say, “We are going to win the Super Bowl” - one big goal that everyone understands and gets excited about.

“And what will it take to win the Super Bowl?” You could certainly reply that it takes teamwork, determination, and other admirable characteristics to win the world’s biggest football game. But in its purest sense, to win the Super Bowl, you and the Bills must win a number of regular season games so that you can make the playoffs. Then you must win those playoff games in order to get to the championship game. And if you win that big game, you and your teammates can proudly say, “We won the Super Bowl.”

The same can be said for you and work team.  Are you all on the same team?

  • Can you all collectively state what it is you do (as a company, as a division, as a project group) in terms that are as simple as we play football and we are going to win the Super Bowl?
  • Is there a consensus of what the ultimate goals are? How about how you are going to achieve them and the “plays” each person needs to make to contribute?

Looking at your team as just that, a real team with a game, a championship, and goals is critical in achieving success.  Take a look at my posts on creating your own playbook – which will help you and your team layout your strategic plan.  Determine the what, why and how of your team, and identify your specific part in achieving those goals. After all, what have you got to lose?

Send us your “game” and “championship”.  Let’s see who can create the most inspirational, yet simple phrases!

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