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The Three Ineffective Workplaces to Avoid – The Open Workplace

workplace culture Jan 31, 2022

In my previous two posts, we introduced two of three ineffective workplaces that unhappy employees can experience, the Defensive Workplace and the Paternalistic Workplace.  If those place didn’t sound like your workplace, perhaps you’re in an Open Workplace.

It would seem like an Open Workplace should be great. After all, you have management that encourages people to brainstorm, get great results, lift one another up, and even butt heads when needed.

And, when you take a look, your results probably speak for themselves. There’s most likely some big goals.  Everyone can explain current priorities. Employees regularly meet one-on-one with their supervisors and coworkers to share ideas and ask questions. In fact, there may be a number of tasks forces, committees, and cross-functional teams to solve problems and make decisions.

There’s a sense that management has nothing to hide – which is empowering.  Everyone knows about the company’s products, top customers, financial position, competitors, and industry, particularly if the information impacts their jobs.

There are plenty of training programs available for skill building too, which give people the opportunity to grow and rise in the ranks. Regular meetings are hosted with employees to share both good and bad news, and all employees are encouraged to ask about anything and express their opinions freely. Disagreements are openly addressed, and achievements are recognized at various levels within the company.

Sounds pretty great…so where’s the problem?

Even though there’s much more involvement than in the Defensive and Paternalistic Workplaces this workplace can be chaotic and stressful.  With all the demands to achieve and no solid structure for execution, team members burnout.  The Open Workplace can quickly become a runaway train.

Whether you are experiencing a Defensive, Paternalistic, or Open Workplace or even a combination of all three, the result is the same – great dissatisfaction with your job.

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