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The Three Ineffective Workplaces to Avoid – The Defensive Workplace

workplace culture Jan 17, 2022

We all have either worked in or are currently working in an environment that isn't optimal.  Chances are this workplace you’ve experience is like one of our three ineffective workplaces: the Defensive, Paternalistic, or Open workplace.  Over the next couple posts, I’ll address these workplaces and the common characteristics associated with them.

 First up?  The Defensive Workplace.

In the Defensive Workplace, the mission, vision, and values are not defined or even considered, so nobody knows where to focus. Employees rarely meet one-on-one with their supervisors or with other areas in the company. There is limited or no information about the company’s products, customers, financial position, competitors, or industry. Does it perhaps feel like you have no say in anything, so you just show up and put up?

Here are some additional “symptoms” of a Defensive Workplace:

·         All problems are solved by senior management with no input from the employees.

·         Employees don’t dare to offer opinions or suggestions.  In fact, initiative may be punished.

·         Official communication is shared with employees in writing, and what little communication exists is uneven.

·         Disagreements and conflict are ignored or suppressed.

·         Mistakes often lead to in finger pointing.

·         Your achievements are seldom recognized.

·         There is zero trust between the employees and the management team.

Sound like your workplace environment? 

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