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Personalizing Positive Feedback

coaching conversations performance management Nov 18, 2022

Today more than ever, employees need to feel appreciated and valued for what's important to them. Consider these statistics*:

  • 65% of employees desire more feedback.
  • 69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were being recognized through feedback.
  • Companies that invest in regular feedback have 14.9% lower turnover rates.
  • 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least one a week.
  • 68% of employees would leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated.

I always share three tips when my coaching clients want to up their game when it comes to recognizing others.

First, I suggest they make feedback timely. As mentioned above, my general rule of thumb is every 7 days. If recognizing others doesn't come naturally to people, I suggest they put a weekly reminder on their calendar until it becomes a habit.

Second, I recommend they make the feedback specific. Sure, everyone likes to hear the words, "good job." But, show that you're really paying attention by specifically citing what your teammate did well. Your positive feedback might sound something like, "I'm impressed with this report, Frances. I really appreciate the way you went beyond just reporting the data and included 3 recommendations for improvement. You did a great job!"  One extra sentence can make all the difference.

Third, I recommend they personalize the feedback to what's important to the team member. Perhaps in the last example, you know that Frances is quality-oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. So, you might add a sentence such as, "This assignment really showcased your expertise and attention to detail." 

Try tying the feedback to their career goals, such as "Your successful completion of this project takes you one step closer to being ready for that promotion you desire." You can even tie it to their personal goals: "Getting this report automated will finally cut down the stress you've been feeling so you can enjoy the time you spend with your family."

Do you know what's important to your team members? If not, take some time to find out. Try asking a few of these questions:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What tasks create a feeling of forward momentum for you?
  • What aspects of your job make you feel most useful?
  • What do you feel would best help you prepare for the next step in your career?
  • How could we help you achieve the goals you have personally or for your family?

Utilizing Everything DiSC is another excellent way to understand your team members. With DiSC, you'll learn your team members motivators, stressors, and what they value. Plus, when you use Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst, you get personalized tips for giving direction, delegating, and creating a motivating environment to each team member based on their unique styles. 

People want to feel valued for what's important to them. One surefire way of strengthening trust is showing that you really care about what they care about. Now is the perfect time to personalize positive feedback to create a workplace people love.

* Source: Zippia "20 Essential Employee Feedback Statistics [2022]"


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