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Getting on the Same Page: Agreement Building

conflict conflict management Sep 13, 2021

This post continues our series on conversations that build a Collaborative Workplace.  The third conversation framework is the Agreement Building Conversation. Before you leave your next discussion or meeting, wouldn’t it be nice if all of the parties involved walked away knowing everyone was on the same page, everyone has agreed to what was decided, and everyone knows the next steps?

How often does that happen? Not very often. People wander around feeling confused and out of the loop - telltale signs of a non-collaborative environment.To develop agreement, build accountability, and foster consistency of message for your team, ask these four questions at the end of every meeting or discussion.

  1. What did we decide today? This question helps to make sure that everyone is in complete agreement with the decisions that were made.
  2. Who is going to do what? By when? These questions help to make sure that there is certainty around next steps and that a framework for accountability is established.
  3. Who needs to know about this? This question ensures that everyone will be in the loop and no one will be left out, even those who aren’t part of the meeting or discussion. This is a critical question for improving communication and confidence in one another.
  4. What is the message and the tone of that message? This question makes sure that everyone is on the same page and that all the people involved communicate with one voice.

At the conclusion of this Agreement Building Conversation, everyone will be in alignment. All participants will be able to go back to their respective teams and relay the same message in a consistent way. And everyone who needs to know the decisions and next steps will be made aware of them.

I hope you’ve found the three critical conversation frameworks for coaching, straight talk and agreement building to be helpful!


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