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Do You Have Courage?

leadership Jun 27, 2022
Do you have a problem that’s keeping you from reaping the benefits of a truly Collaborative Workplace? You have the power to address it right now. It just takes courage.

 If you are determined to create the kind of workplace where you can get things done and see the value of your contributions every day, while feeling rewarded and energized, then take the first step. Answer the questions below to build your action plan. Then get started!

Think about the following questions and jot down your answers:

·         What is the most difficult or important issue I have to deal with right now?

·         With whom do I need to speak about this?

·         Why would he/she want to talk to me?

·         What are his or her priorities?

·         How can I speak his or her language to show that I care about what’s important to him or her?

·         Are there words I can use or actions I can take to earn his or her confidence?

At the end of the day, we’re all looking to operate in a positive and harmonious environment with our coworkers.  By taking the time to think about the individuals you work with and how to communicate with them, you will find that collaboration and productivity will increase.  After all, what have you got to lose?

Tell us about your courageous act or how you spoke someone’s language.  We’re eager to hear your successes and to help with your trouble spots!