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A Moment of Clarity – A Much Needed Workplace Trait

strategy & vision Jun 13, 2022

When team members don’t understand the future, they are forced to make assumptions and best-guess decisions, leaving far too much to chance. The workplace becomes cluttered with random ideas, competing goals, and conflicting priorities.

What’s the risk if your team lacks focus, clarity, or alignment of purpose? You end up long on ideas and short on execution. Or worse, good people make bad decisions.

In business, the stakes are simply too high to allow that to happen. Yet, every day, organizations and the people within them muddle along without a clear understanding of the actions and behaviors all members must engage in to achieve their end goal. And that’s a shame, because it’s really not that difficult to get a team into alignment once you know how.

In previous posts, I’ve addressed the importance of the “playbook” tool – which helps facilitate the mutual understanding of the who, where, what, when why, and how of your organization and for your job specifically.

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