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Team Introductions

team building Jan 30, 2021


Here's a simple way to create engaging and robust dialogue at the onset of your team building sessions.  I call it Team Introductions (haha).  The only thing you need is my Team Introductions Worksheet that you can get by clicking here.


  1.  Distribute the Worksheet to each participant.
  2.  Assign a partner to each participant.
  3.  Allow about 15 minutes for the team members to interview their partners using the questions on the worksheet.
  4.  Ask each participant to introduce his or her partner to the full group.

You'll be surprised how much the participants learn about each other, even if they've been working together for years.  Team members even find that they share many of the same priorities and concerns, when they didn't seem to be so aligned coming into the session.

Sometimes, this exercise can last 60-90 minutes.  That's okay with me, especially if the team is becoming more cohesive because of the rich discussion.

Click here to check out my YouTube video to learn more!

All my best!

Amy Pearl

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