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You'll learn about DiSC using your own Profile and our online Catalyst system. Then, explore the full suite of assessments to develop a plan based on your goals.

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We'll share our secrets for using DiSC for interpersonal skills training, leadership development, coaching, team building, employee relations, and more. 

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Everything DiSC(R) Workplace on Catalyst

With over 40 years of expertise, Everything DiSC is a proven, scientifically validated assessment with 90%+ accuracy rating from learners worldwide.  

With Everything DiSC Workplace, learners understand their styles, how to read others, and how to use that information to make connections, manage conflict, and collaborate with their teammates.

Using Catalyst, learners get online access to information about their styles, as well as the ability to compare themselves to their teammates to develop strategies for success.

Everything DiSC Agile EQTM

Today's world is full of change and uncertainty. At a time like this, emotional intelligence is more important than ever. 

With Agile EQ, you'll discover your natural mindset and get dozens of tips for using stretch mindsets when you need them. 

Whether your organization is implementing agile project management practices or just trying to build stronger relationships and teamwork, Agile EQ will help you develop the mindset for success.

Everything DiSC Management

With today's diverse teams, understanding each team member's unique strengths, motivators, and stressors can be difficult.  

With Everything DiSC Management, you'll discover how to understand each team member.  Then, you can use that information, like a decoder to create strategies for directing, delegating, and creating a motivating environment that drives results.

You'll even get a toolkit for managing your boss!

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict

Without conflict, we'd never discover new ideas, fix what's broken, or develop well-rounded solutions. But, unproductive conflict can take us to bad places and breakdown how our teams work together.

With Everything DiSC Productive Conflict, you'll learn how the not-so-great aspects of your style emerge in conflict. Then, you'll learn how to keep responses like caving in or getting defensive from getting in the way.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders(R)

Leaders, especially senior leaders sometimes struggle with getting others to support their goals, driving change, and building accountability. 

With Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, you'll learn how to use your strengths to establish vision, build alignment, and champion execution.  

Integrate your goal setting, operational tracking, and performance management processes to fully align Work of Leaders with your everyday activities.

Everything DiSC Sales

Everything DiSC isn't just for internal communication.  After all, every prospect has a different buying style.

With Everything DiSC Sales, your team will learn about their natural selling styles.  Then, they'll identify clues prospects share that reveal their buying styles and get tips for overcoming objections and closing the deal.

Our online system allows your sales team to create FREE customer interaction maps with conversation tips tailored for each of their customers.

Everything DiSC 363(R) for Leaders

Feedback is essential for helping leaders identify their strengths, as well as what they can do better, differently, or more often.

Everything DiSC 363 for leaders provides a simple and anonymous way to collect feedback about leaders' abilities to be commanding, energizing, inclusive, deliberate and more. 

Participants receive ideas for improvement in 3 areas.  A Coaching Supplement is also available to make debriefs easy and impactful.

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April 13, 20 & 27 9:00 - 11:30 Eastern Time

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