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Why Your Game Plan Isn't Working.

strategy & vision May 10, 2021

All too often, business leaders don't effectively think through their game plan. They may have a plan, but where they fall short is identifying the actual goals and achievements that are necessary to win the game, ensuring the players (employees) understand the plan, and putting a scoreboard in place so employees can see, minute by minute, if they're doing what it takes to win.

The biggest problem with most strategic plans in organizations is they're too bloated and over-complicated. The only people in the organization who understand the plan, or can cite core elements of it, are the executive team that created it. A plan that's only understood by the top level of the organization is, simply put, ineffective. Just as every player on a football team knows the plays in the team's playbook, each associate in your organization must be able to articulate the goals of the organization and understand how their role contributes to those goals. When team members don't know the plays, the team doesn't win. Having a playbook in place:

o Creates clarity and focus
o Puts the future in your control
o Creates a filter for decision making, resource allocation, and evaluating new opportunities
o Helps you out-think the competition
o Creates a common platform for change
o Keeps you on track

What would happen if you surveyed your employees and asked them to explain:

  1. Your company strategy?
  2. The goals and accomplishments that will to lead to success?
  3. How their work contributes to success of the company plan?

The alignment of your people to a clear strategy, with defined goals, and measurable outcomes is the only way you're going to win the game, and it doesn't have to be as complicated as you're probably making it.


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