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Trait Tips: Intensity

be fabulous Jun 06, 2021

Trait Tips: Intensity

What do you think of when you hear the word calm? Personally, I always find it so serene to be outside on a cold, winter morning when a fresh snowfall covers the tree branches. At work, we might translate the word calm to resilience in a crisis or maintaining your executive presence when someone really pushes your buttons. However you define it, we all know the feeling of peace versus the feeling of stress.

When stress creeps in, others could see us as reactive, worried, defensive or competitive. We might respond by being aggressive, hurried, short with others, or even, argumentative. It is important to recognize that by the time we feel this way, it can be too late. Once that intensity takes over our minds and our bodies, we have less control over our thoughts, words, and actions. In essence, we get hijacked by our own feelings.

Here's the problem. Besides being bad for your health, that reactive nature is one of the top reasons I'm asked to coach leaders. Impatience and overactive emotions aren't appreciated or seen as an asset. They keep you from being taken seriously in conversations and from being considered for promotions.

I've created this video to help you realize that you're not alone.

Then, make yourself a cup of tea or pour yourself a glass of wine and download my guide:

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In this FREE guide, I'll share my proven, 3-step process to create the calm, confident, and professional edge you need to thrive in today's stress-filled world!

Be sure to connect with me on Instagram, share your plans, and more importantly, your successes. I can't wait to cheer for a new, more resilient, you!

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