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How Much Confidence Does Your Team Have in You? Your Results

trust & confidence Sep 29, 2021

In my previous post, we introduced the importance of evaluating yourself and how your approach at work may or may not be helping your co-workers have confidence in you.  I provided a quiz for you to take a personal inventory – do you remember your score?  If not, take the quiz again here and then come back to understand what it means!


40 or more: People most likely have a lot of confidence in you. Don’t rest on your laurels, though. Confidence and trust can be lost very easily. Keep up the good work.

30–39: Some people may have confidence in you, while others may not. Identify which relationships need to be strengthened and take action to do so.

Less than 30: You have some work to do. Building others’ confidence in you will take time. Start with one of the questions in the quiz and take action to improve your score.

Taking a real look at the questions you were asked, the score you gave yourself in each area and the result of all those scores will give you a great place to start when thinking about how you can increase your coworkers’ confidence in you.  Ultimately you have the most control over yourself – so improve yourself in these areas, improve the confidence others have in you and improve the overall success of your job.

Take action.  Then, tell us one thing you did to increase your coworkers’ level of confidence in you!

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