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How Much Confidence Do You Have in People At Work? The Results

Mar 14, 2022

Welcome back! In my previous post, you started the process of evaluating how much confidence you have in each of your co-workers.  In essence, you measured your views in terms of the Five Confidence Factors:  competence, reliability, openness, fairness, and caring.

Now that you see the scores, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you spot any trends across your team?
  2. Is there one person with low scores across the board? Keep visiting the Collaboration Breakthrough blog and we’ll share tips on how to enhance your relationship with this person.
  3. Is there one confidence factor that you rated consistently low for everyone? For me, Competence is a sticking point.  I have high expectations of others when it comes to their ability to do their jobs.  If someone is not good at what they do, it’s very difficult for me to have full trust and confidence in them.

Understanding how you feel about your team members as it relates to this specific Confidence Factors will help you know how to begin communicating and work with them better.

Stay tuned.  In our upcoming posts we’ll provide Confidence Busters and Confidence Builders to help you create your action plan for building trust and confidence in your co-workers.

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