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How Much Confidence Do You Have in People At Work? The Quiz

trust & confidence Mar 03, 2022

Are you struggling to delegate responsibilities?  Do you feel like you have to do all the thinking for your team?  Do things not go as planned unless you micromanage the process?

You may lack confidence in your team. If you don’t have confidence in them, are you open to taking steps to fix that? We certainly hope so, because if you’re not confident in the people around you and you don’t do anything to address it, it severely diminishes your role as a collaborative team member. Use the following Confidence Inventory to get started.

Consider each of your co-workers.  Read and evaluate each statement below for each co-worker using the following scale:

1 = almost never

2 = rarely

3 = sometimes

4 = often

5 = almost always


  • He/she is good at his/her job.


  • I can have an open discussion with him/her.


  • He/she delivers what is promised.


  • He/she treats me fairly.


  • He/she considers my well-being before making a decision.

Tally up the scores for each of your team members and stay tuned for my next post where I’ll reveal what it means!

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