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Dreams Become Reality at Advantage Media

Jan 30, 2021

Creating an amazing employee experience begins with understanding that fundamentally, each team member has dreams and goals.  These dreams and goals drive why people go to work every day.  I know we like to humor ourselves by believing team members want to work for OUR goals.  In reality, people work to learn, achieve new things, and yes, to make money to fund THEIR goals.  Advantage Media/Forbes Books has embraced their team members' dreams in a visual and actionable way.

Following the 60th day of employment, team members complete a Dream Board Planning Sheet to articulate their short and long-term goals.  And, we're not talking just about work goals.  The Planning Sheet prompts team members to think about goals for family, health, lifelong learning, career, material items, charity, spirituality, and more.  They can include favorite quotes, colors, and picture suggestions which are submitted to their design team who creates the Dream Boards.  After the 90th day, team members are given their Dream Boards to remind them of what they are truly working toward each day.  The Dream Boards hang over each team member's work space.  They're even given a second copy to display at home.

Through the company's Dream On program, CEO, Adam Witty and the Leadership Team identify peak performers three times per year.  And, guess what?  The team members' dreams are granted!  Member Experience Manager, Ben Coppel reports, "Because our Team Members work day-in and day-out to help our Members accomplish their dreams, our Leadership Team thought it would be cool if Advantage helped our Team Members achieve their dreams.  European vacations, cruises, shopping sprees, backpacking trips, fly-fishing adventures, and yoga retreats are just a few of the examples of the experiences that have been awarded.  The Dream On Program helps align professional growth and development with personal visioning and is something our team members truly value."

You can see Ben's Dream Board in this post.  Totally cool, right?  A true example of a company that understands the meaning of the word collaboration.  Ben, you are amazing and I hope you get that classic car!  Thanks for sharing this great idea.

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Amy Pearl

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