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Do You Have a Winning Playbook?

strategy & vision Oct 18, 2021

Whether the game is football, soccer, or hockey, every team has a playbook that contains the answers to the fundamental questions that everyone on the team must know in order to be successful.

While you may not be a football team headed to the Superbowl, you are a team nonetheless.  So, does your team have a Playbook?

Maybe you call it a strategic plan or perhaps you have scattered pieces here and there but nothing that pulls it all together. The important thing is that your team members can all answer the Playbook questions:

  • What game do we play? If we asked this question, would your team all clearly express what you’re about in just a few words?
  • What championship are we trying to win? Would everyone answer with something as clear and simple as, “We’re going to win the Super Bowl!”?
  • What plays do we need to executive to get to that championship? Are your plays (goals) defined so clearly that all of your players know how they personally help to win games?
  • How do we track our progress? Do you update your scoreboard in the work area every day so that people can measure their success or have an opportunity to self-correct if they are behind?
  • How do we differentiate ourselves from other teams? Do they know your differentiators or the values that must shape your brand and their behaviors on the job?

People often overthink the elements of their Playbook and turn it into a lofty strategic plan and lengthy philosophical statements that are either too complicated for people to remember orate used by every other company in their industry. As a result, they lack inspiration and action orientation. You can avoid that by using the Playbook to create a clear and simple one-page plan to foster total clarity for you and your team.

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll walk you through the steps to create a winning playbook that will help your team get on the same page and achieve your goals.

In meantime, ask the Playbook questions listed above and listen to the answers!

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