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Are You Having These Three Types of Conversations?

coaching conversations communication conflict Aug 09, 2021

Oftentimes it’s not necessarily what we’re saying in conversations to others but, how we’re saying it that really makes the greatest difference.

Telling people what to do, for instance, can be perceived as demanding and degrading, and it puts people on the defensive. Asking questions however, demonstrates humility, opens up dialogue, and encourages participation. We’ve developed three questioning strategies to boost communication by making sure the right conversations are taking place.

  1. Coaching Conversations will help you inspire others to solve problems and generate ideas, while encouraging their success.
  2. Straight-Talk Conversations are a tool for bringing up difficult problems or something that’s bothering you about someone else.
  3. Agreement-Building Conversations build alignment and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

The good news is that it’s possible to master all three of these essential conversations relatively quickly. Once you get the conversation going by setting the right tone, things will go just fine.Over the next several posts, I’ll give tips on how to successfully engage in each of these types of conversation.


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